With a Renzell Membership, you can access exclusive benefits and experiences in and around Renzell Restaurants. Below is a sampling of upcoming Renzell events.




Blue Hill Wine Tasting

Tuesday, May 16

Join us and the renowned Blue Hill as we taste a sampling of six wines from their extensive and varied wine list. Blue Hill is ranked #13 in wine in preliminary 2018 ratings. Wine Director Michelle Biscieglia will introduce the six wines—focusing on a range of island wines (think Corsica, Etna, etc.)—and take us through the flavors and complexities of each.

Renzell will be raffling off an extraordinarily unique and rare wine that evening. Details to follow.



Private Tasting at Marjorie

Tuesday, May 30

Marjorie has moved across Seattle but it hasn't lost its feeling of home. Dedicated to owner Donna Moodie's mom, Marjorie, a woman known for her hospitality, the restaurant oozes with casual invitation. It also oozes with an eclectic ever-changing (except for the signature plantain appetizer!) menu that reaches beyond local fare to include Indian and Caribbean dishes. We'd tell you what's on the menu but it's likely to be different next month. Just like mom wanted.



Private Tasting at R2L

Tuesday, June 6

On the 37th floor of Two Liberty Place sits glamorous R2L, a restaurant with night club vibes and a stunning view of downtown. Sleek and understated, pops of zebra print remind guests there's still a bit of funkiness to this sky-high New American place. Join us for an evening of creative American cuisine with an emphasis on seafood (plus, the view of the sunset won’t be so bad either).



Private Tasting at Canary by Gorji

Tuesday, June 13

We know chef Gorji has a first name but we think he's earned the right not to use it. You know, like Madonna. There may be no harder working chef in Dallas. Gorji’s eclectic cooking truly defies categorization for unique meal combinations, like Colorado Lamb T-Bone and Texas Wild Boar sharing plates with campari tomato, tzatziki, and tabbouleh. It all adds up to a Dallas institution that keeps pace with the young guns.



Private Tasting at Liquid Art House

Monday, June 19

If ever there was proof that restaurants produce art on a plate, look no further than the battle for aesthetics at Liquid Art House. Between the rotating gallery on the walls, the elegantly plated and colorful food, and the distinct cocktails, every detail is an expression. Not surprisingly, everything—yes everything—is for sale. Join us for an evening of the art of food. Hopefully you will like what you see.


Washington, DC

Private Tasting at Osteria Morini

Tuesday, June 20

Mr. White goes to Washington. Michael White, owner and chef of Altamarea Group, whose New York outposts boast some of the best pastas in New York, brings a version of his SoHo restaurant Osteria Morini to the Navy Yards. A bastion of Italian imports, Osteria Morini brings a revered quality to the DC scene. Join us for an evening of Emilia-Romagna cuisine and impeccable Italian wines.



Private Tasting at JCT Kitchen & Bar

Friday, June 23

The junction of Westside train tracks was already there long before the junction of JCT moved in. From the industrial space you can see the distant skyline and sip and dine and cross paths with some classic southern fare like deviled eggs and some truly original fried chicken. Join us for an evening of refined comfort food and craft cocktails.



Private Tasting at Blackbelly

Thursday, July 6

Blackbelly is Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg’s platform for magical meat (Burgers! Steak! Their very own butchery!) and incredible cocktails. The menu embraces “the food of the seasons,” sourcing the best ingredients from local artisans, suppliers, farmers, and ranchers. Join us for an evening indulging in Chef Hosea’s fresh and flavorful local creations.



Private Tasting at The Mansion Restaurant

Tuesday, July 18

It's not a misnomer—this place is a literal mansion you'd expect to find in the countryside of Europe. Each room has a unique decor and feel, but they're all tied together by the same common thread: luxury. Dining at The Mansion will make you believe you're overseas. Join us for an evening of indulgence and contemporary American cuisine at The Mansion.



Private Tasting at Acanto

Wednesday, July 19

Millennium park is a tourist trap, but Acanto is not. Its red walls and back-lit bottles give Acanto the comforting vibe you would want from a traditional Italian restaurant. So when you’re satiated with the hearty Italian pastas and sumptuous meats at the cool round butcher-block tables, let your curiosity get the best of you and step back out into the parade. Join us for an evening of all things Italian and delicious!