With a Renzell Membership, you can access exclusive benefits and experiences in and around Renzell Restaurants. Below is a sampling of upcoming Renzell events.



Private Tasting at Marea

New York

Tuesday, August 22

To open a highbrow seafood restaurant on Central Park South in the wake of the country’s Great Recession takes gumption and a lot of lardo. Two Michelin stars later, Marea and chef Michael White have shown that they’re not penny wise or pound foolish. Like the veil of unctuous cured pork fat that coats the sea urchin, Marea’s spacious room glimmers with New York luxe. Join us for an evening of indulgent cuisine and a splash of luxury!


Private Tasting at Prospect

San Francisco

Wednesday, September 6

Join us for an evening of exceptional cuisine and atmosphere, at Nancy Oakes’ newest restaurant. With big windows all around and massive booths down the center, Prospect feels like an ocean liner about to depart into the bay. To mix things up, each course of this tasting will come with a wine and beer pairing. You will vote and determine the best of the best at the end of the evening!  


Wine Tasting with Kyle MacLachlan

New York

Tuesday, September 19

Kyle MacLachlan is more than a renowned actor—of Twin Peaks and Blue Velvet fame—he’s also a vintner with a unique line of reds and rosés called Pursued by Bear. Join us for an evening of tasting and conversation with Kyle and the wines produced on his vineyard in Walla Walla, Washington. Dale Cooper (er, Kyle) will talk about his illustrious acting career, his love for wines from Washington (his home state), and, just maybe, who killed Laura Palmer.  


Private Tasting at The London Plane


Tuesday, September 26

The London Plane is both restaurant and marketplace. Its lofty space with massive windows will give you a bird's eye view of all the comings and goings. For this special Renzell event, The London Plane will feature an Indian influenced thali meal in celebration of Sharad Purnima, a harvest festival marking the end of the monsoon season. Join us for a unique cultural evening filled with delicious food and drink!


Past Highlights:



Private Tasting at Liquid Art House

Monday, June 19

If ever there was proof that restaurants produce art on a plate, look no further than the battle for aesthetics at Liquid Art House. Between the rotating gallery on the walls, the elegantly plated and colorful food, and the distinct cocktails, every detail is an expression. Not surprisingly, everything—yes everything—is for sale. Join us for an evening of the art of food. Hopefully you will like what you see.


Washington, DC

Private Tasting at Osteria Morini

Tuesday, June 20

Mr. White goes to Washington. Michael White, owner and chef of Altamarea Group, whose New York outposts boast some of the best pastas in New York, brings a version of his SoHo restaurant Osteria Morini to the Navy Yards. A bastion of Italian imports, Osteria Morini brings a revered quality to the DC scene. Join us for an evening of Emilia-Romagna cuisine and impeccable Italian wines.



Private Tasting at JCT Kitchen & Bar

Friday, June 23

The junction of Westside train tracks was already there long before the junction of JCT moved in. From the industrial space you can see the distant skyline and sip and dine and cross paths with some classic southern fare like deviled eggs and some truly original fried chicken. Join us for an evening of refined comfort food and craft cocktails.



Private Tasting at Blackbelly

Thursday, July 6

Blackbelly is Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg’s platform for magical meat (Burgers! Steak! Their very own butchery!) and incredible cocktails. The menu embraces “the food of the seasons,” sourcing the best ingredients from local artisans, suppliers, farmers, and ranchers. Join us for an evening indulging in Chef Hosea’s fresh and flavorful local creations.

Wine copy.jpg


Boka Wine Tasting

Tuesday, July 11

With a 20+ page wine list, Boka has a lot to offer in the way of libations. With a focus on the source of each bottle, Ryan Musser, wine director at Boka, will walk us through the unique story behind some of his favorite bottles from Boka.Join us for an evening of tasting, hors d’oeuvres, and conversation where Ryan and Jon McDaniel, beverage director at Acanto and The Dawson, will discuss and present a series of wines from the Boka’s extensive and varied cellar. 

Old Fashioned Cocktail.jpg


Private Tasting at The Mansion Restaurant

Tuesday, July 18

It's not a misnomer—this place is a literal mansion you'd expect to find in the countryside of Europe. Each room has a unique decor and feel, but they're all tied together by the same common thread: luxury. Dining at The Mansion will make you believe you're overseas. Join us for an evening of indulgence and contemporary American cuisine at The Mansion.



Private Tasting at Acanto

Wednesday, July 19

Millennium park is a tourist trap, but Acanto is not. Its red walls and back-lit bottles give Acanto the comforting vibe you would want from a traditional Italian restaurant. So when you’re satiated with the hearty Italian pastas and sumptuous meats at the cool round butcher-block tables, let your curiosity get the best of you and step back out into the parade. Join us for an evening of all things Italian and delicious!



Private Tasting at Fork

Friday, July 21

Eating in a forest never felt so elegant. Fork's artwork—floor to ceiling murals of the outdoors—bring a natural sort of ambiance to the space, but the decor is anything but rustic. Show-stopping presentation and innovative recipes make Fork feel like a special occasion every time. Join us for an evening of incredibly fresh food in a refreshing space.



Private Tasting at Westward

Tuesday, July 25

You can arrive by car, bike, or boat—yes boat—to Westward, situated on a small beach with views of the downtown skyline. Everything appears water inspired here, including the menu, and a seafaring inside them, with a creative Mediterranean bent to go with the chef's Greek heritage. Before the main courses, Westward will kick off the evening with an oyster class, where you will learn the intricacies of oysters: their anatomy, how to shuck, and a taste test. Join us for an evening of kicking back and enjoying the sea breeze!