Our Goal

Renzell's goal is to offer an alternative to the status quo of incomplete, subjective and oftentimes fraudulent restaurant ratings. We provide the most accurate assessment of what your experience will be like at any Renzell Restaurant (for which we have issued an official rating) on any given night

The restaurants

Being picked as a restaurant for the Renzell list is as competitive as the ratings themselves. Restaurants must be at least a year old and are weighed on thirty-one different characteristics. Renzell Restaurants deliver the best overall dining experiences. We're currently live in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Denver, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington DC.

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The Members

Anyone can be a Renzell member. Members may then apply for survey-taking status and will be accepted for their experience and lack of conflicts. Through our membership programs and experiences market, all members can access exclusive benefits, products, and experiences in and around Renzell Restaurants.

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Certain Renzell Members take a comprehensive survey—a holistic look at the entire restaurant experience—of more than seventy questions every time they dine at a Renzell Restaurant. The survey assesses the experience of dining out through eight categories: cocktails, design, hospitality, food, service, value, vibe, and wine/sake/beer.


The collected Renzell Survey results, totaling hundreds of thousands of data points, is weighted against member preferences through our proprietary algorithm to eliminate subjectivity and bias, and to produce the most accurate ratings.

Renzell releases official ratings every fall, and status checks in January and May. All restaurants receive an overall score (using a 1-100 point scale) as well as scores in each of the eight categories.

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Renzell's Data Collection Process Independently Validated by KPMG