Literally Just 21 Pictures of Pasta

Who doesn't love pasta? From a classic carbonara to caviar topped gnocchi, pasta can do it all (you might even say that anything is pasta-able!). Feast your eyes on these majestic creations from top chefs at Renzell Restaurants. 

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1. First up, this dreamy twirl at Felix

2. This Lincoln Log-like creation from Acquerello (complete with foie gras and black truffles, obviously)

3. Rossoblu's cappellacci made with squash, brown butter, and amaretti

4. Just a humble caviar topped gnocchi at Flour + Water

5. Even this uncooked spaghetti at Rioja is making us hungry

6. Holeman & Finch's classic carbonara is almost too much for us to handle

7. This ravioli line-up at Marjorie (Can you spot the im-pasta?)


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8. This one from Ai Fiori that is literally drowning in white truffles

9. TFW your love of pasta is just so overwhelming (courtesy of  Staple & Fancy Mercantile)

10. This one is ready for its closeup at Sotto Sotto 

11. "This is what all you can eat pasta night looks like" at Osteria Langhe


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12. This one from Staple & Fancy Mercantile topped with shaved truffle, because we could all use more of that in our lives

13. This addictive bucatini with imperial red prawns at Fiola Mare

14. Pasta for when you have a blacktie event from Lucia


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15. Traditional linguini with clams from Amis

16. Coal-roasted eggplant triangoloni topped with chickpeas from Brigantessa

17. This unique combo from Coppa: pappardelle with red wine braised boar, parmesan and kale

18. This plate of pure pasta goodness at Wm Mulhermin's Sons

19. Ai Fiori's inky Trofie Merod, for when you want your pasta to be a little edgier 

20. "Fresh sage to top off everyone's favorite, Pappardelle" at Spiaggia

21. And, how else could we end it but with more truffles? (This time from Osteria Morini)

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