Renzell invites restaurant leaders to apply for the Guest Experience Scholarship.


The scholarship is open to leadership team members at restaurants in the Renzell Guest Experience Data Co-op, and is intended to encourage and support professional growth through the enhancement of guest experience at your restaurant.

To join the Renzell Guest Experience Data Co-op click here.

Guidelines for the scholarship are as follows: 

  1. $1,000 each month awarded to the best applicant. Apply as often as you would like, but there is limit one win per person per year!
  2. Open to full time employees of restaurants in the Renzell Guest Experience Data Co-op in the following positions (or equivalent): front-of-house manager, beverage director, head sommelier, head bartender, executive chef, chef de cuisine, pastry chef, private events/dining director, and service captain. 
  3. Application is a simple two-paragraph explanation of a project you believe will improve the experience for guests. It should include the concept, how/why you believe it will improve guest experience, and rough cost. 
  4. Examples include: take a trip to learn about the provenance of a specific food/wine/spirit, purchase a piece of equipment to forward an innovative new menu item, commission an artisan to create a piece of art or a new service item (glassware, dinnerware, etc.), take a class to acquire or enhance a specific skill (sommelier, cicerone, etc.)

The idea is that anything goes as long as it is somehow connected to improving guest experience!

All submissions should be sent to, accompanied by the name and contact information for your manager.  

Applications are due on the 15th of each month. Scholarships will be awarded on the 20th of that month, beginning April 20th.

if you're unsure if your restaurant is a part of the co-op or if your in an eligible position, please email us.

All winners will be asked to send a follow up description of how their project helped improve guest experience including pictures and/or videos if possible/relevant. 

Thank you to the many chefs, owners, and operators who helped us refine this idea!