Impress Your Guests With These 15 Cookbooks

Dying to try some Renzell restaurants in other cities? Lucky for you, many of our restaurants have cookbooks that allow you to try to cook some of their incredible dishes at home. Below are 15 cookbooks from Renzell restaurants (perfect for gifting!). 


Battersby (New York)

Battersby  (left);  @battersbybk  (right)

Battersby (left); @battersbybk (right)

You’ll never have to crave Battersby’s pollack with white asparagus and sabayon ever again with this cookbook.

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Mission Chinese (New York)

Try your hand at Mission Chinese’s iconic chilled lamb dumpings with tehina and lamb geleé.

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Del Posto (New York)

Del Posto  (left);  @delposto  (right)

Del Posto (left); @delposto (right)

Impress your guests with this decadent dessert spread.

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The Publican (Chicago)

The Publican  (left);  @publicanchicago  (right)

The Publican (left); @publicanchicago (right)

With this cookbook, you won’t need to sit at The Publican’s communal tables to enjoy their famously delicious food.

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Benu (San Francisco)

Benu  (left);  Benu  (right)

Benu (left); Benu (right)

Your guests will surely be asking for the recipe for these simple but utterly satisfying Lobster Coral Xao Long Bao.

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Atelier Crenn (San Francisco)

Atelier Crenn  (left);  @atelier.crenn  (right)

Atelier Crenn (left); @atelier.crenn (right)

Tired of your regularly prepared meat? Try Atelier Crenn's elegant foraged flower and herb topped wagyu.

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State Bird Provisions (San Francisco)

From simple (or at least, less intimidating) dishes like avocado filled with toasted buckwheat to intricate poppyseed beef tongue pastrami pancakes, State Bird Provisions’ new cookbook will be sure to teach and impress.

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Gjelina (Los Angeles)

Gjelina  (left);  @gjelinarestaurant  (right)

Gjelina (left); @gjelinarestaurant (right)

Impress your guests with this tasteful marinated anchovy, fennel & Fresno chili. Bon appetit!

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Osteria Mozza (Los Angeles)

Mozza  (left);  @osteriamozza  (right)

Mozza (left); @osteriamozza (right)

You can now finally make that exquisite baby kale salad with smoked egg, crouton, and caper vinaigrette.

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Crossroads (Los Angeles)

Crossroads  (left);  @crossroadskitchen  (right)

Crossroads (left); @crossroadskitchen (right)

Never forget the 4 p’s: porcini, parsnips, pearl onions, and port.

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Lark (Seattle)

Lark  (left);  @larkseattle  (right)

Lark (left); @larkseattle (right)

Experiment with this tasteful burrata with cipollini agrodolce, radicchio, and pomegranate.

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Rasika (DC)

Rasika  (left);  @rasikarestaurant  (right)

Rasika (left); @rasikarestaurant (right)

Level up your appetizer game with these tandoori starters.

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Miller Union (Atlanta)

Miller Union  (left);  @millerunionatl  (right)

Miller Union (left); @millerunionatl (right)

Stop drooling over this beautiful nettle and ricotta ravioli and start making it!

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Zahav (Philadelphia)

Zahav  (left);  @zahavrestaurant  (right)

Zahav (left); @zahavrestaurant (right)

Take a stab at making these crispy potatoes with kale chermoula and saffronella cheese.

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Vedge (Philadelphia)

Vedge  (left);  @vedgerestaurant  (right)

Vedge (left); @vedgerestaurant (right)

Replicate this delicious vegetarian spread to impress both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

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Never be without your favorite dishes again! Get these cookbooks in your kitchen as soon as possible--your guests will be patiently (or perhaps not so patiently) waiting.