New York's Top 15 Best Beer Programs


Is putting together a beer list that different from curating a wine list? Doesn’t it reflect the atmosphere and complement the cuisine as wine lists do? Sure, there’s less prestige, but it’s not about what kind of beverage you choose to drink, it’s about creating an environment where that beverage enhances your dining experience.

As with wine, restaurants need to know which beers go well together, what varieties go well with which particular dishes, and how to match a patron’s description of what they like to what the restaurant has available. Restaurants want to be innovative and offer guests exciting new experiences. Some of us have a go-to draft; some of us like to explore new options. Compiling a  list that manages to capture the classics and the best of the newcomers is no easy task.

Congratulations to these fifteen restaurants who are proving that it can be done. Bottoms up.