New York's Top 15 Design Scores


Luxury restaurants take many different approaches to design: from bare-bones minimalism to over-exuberant ornamentation. Either way, no great restaurant can ignore the reality of its design. You can lose yourself in a meal, but when you spend a couple of hours in a room, design will affect any experience. It can be a major factor in deciding where to dine and how your night will go.

Restaurants on our list span a wide spectrum of design philosophies—from the luxe and comfortable Daniel to the comparatively tiny, counter-and-bar-stools set-up at Atera. How do you objectively compare fundamentally different approaches to design? By simply determining which designs left guests most satisfied. That’s what Renzell measures, and these are the 15 New York restaurants that scored highest in the design category:

  1. Eleven Madison Park, 94.04

  2. Del Posto, 91.23

  3. Daniel, 89.24

  4. Betony, 89.20

  5. The NoMad, 88.28

  6. Jean-Georges, 88.09

  7. Atera, 87.65

  8. Momofuku Ko, 87.49

  9. Zenkichi, 86.61

  10. Jungsik, 86.45

  11. Gramercy Tavern, 86.16

  12. Le Bernardin, 85.82

  13. Craft, 83.55

  14. Hirohisa, 83.42

  15. Marea, 83.11

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