New York's Top 15 Value Scores


Measuring value at restaurants is most often reduced to two simple attributes: price and portions.  Value is, at its core, about fair return. Though true value comes from the perception of value for the guest.

At luxury restaurants—yeah, we know you’re thinking that’s just a fancy way of saying expensive—value can be obtuse.  Creating value at high-end venues is about carefully curating the two to three hour guest experience in a way that meets the expectations that have been set. And that’s where the data comes in handy.

We evaluate restaurants on their ability to provide a good experience for an equivalent price. That’s why we check to see if Renzell members have buyer’s remorse. If you’re going out to eat, you should know more than just the restaurant’s menu or reputation—you should know if you’ll walk out feeling like your money was well-spent.

These are the 15 places that offer the best bang for your buck:

1. Contra, 91.67

2. Marea, 85.88

3. (tie) Battersby and Upholstery Store: Food & Wine, 85.73

5. Traif, 84.53

6. Blue Hill, 84.28

7. Mission Chinese Food, 82.99

8. Gramercy Tavern, 82.57

9. The NoMad, 82.14

10. Jean-Georges, 82.01

11. Khe-Yo, 81.85

12. Momofuku Ko, 80.88

13. Daniel, 80.64

14. Betony, 80.40

15. Zenkichi, 80.09

Invest wisely, everyone.